South Wales cops want more of our money so they can make our lives…worse.

A row recently blew up at the Welsh arsembly after local government minister Brian Gibbons threatened to stop the money-grabbing cops from asking council taxpayers to pay more to support policing.

South Wales Police had been hoping to impose a hike of 10% and has warned of cuts to policing services if the force is not given extra cash. Cuts to policing services, eh?

In his response to Gibbons yesterday, police authority chairman Russell ‘three jobs’ Roberts threatened to ignore the minister when the authority sets its council tax precept later this month.

Ian Skivens 5494 MET

Who needs Ian Skivens 5494 MET?

Today is decision day. We urge Gibbons to hold his ground. Cuts in policing services are exactly what we need. We’re fed up of cops playing around in helicopters, of cops driving round our streets like loonies, harrassing people, shooting pensioners with tasers, systematically abusing their power. Let’s face it. We don’t need the police at all. 

And as for Brian Gibbons and Russell ‘three jobs’ Roberts?Answers (abusive ones only please) to:


Defy new ‘counter-terrorism’ legislation!

They photograph us...

They photograph us...

Today, 16 February 2009, marks yet another potential victory for police repression. While the FIT and various other elements of the constabulary and intelligence services continue to harass protestors, it is now illegal under new counter-terrorism legislation to take pictures of a police officer ‘likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism’. In other words, the cops will arrest anyone they don’t like with a camera (probably even without a camera) and then use the blanket excuse of ‘terrorism’ to muzzle them. We won’t let them get away with it.

Ian Skivens, MET CO05494/LX365 we photograph them: Ian Skivens, MET CO05494/LX365

 In solidarity with the National Union of Journalists (NUJ), the British Journal of Photography (BJP) and Fitwatch, South Wales Anarchists are hosting a Copwatch Special and we invite you to participate with your own cop stories and photographs.

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Come on, bobbies like Ian Skivens (right) deserve a bit of limelight!