Solidarity with Yusef

Yusef Asad was unjustly sentenced to two and a half years in Prison for defending himself from racists attacking a Palestine March in Cardiff in July 2014. He received the heaviest sentence despite only responding as racists at a pub started the violence throwing bottles, glasses and chairs at the demonstrators, who included young families.

Yusef welcomes letters of support.

Yusef Asad







Radical Workers Bloc at Cardiff Mayday

Am y Gymraeg cliciwch yma.


(August Spies on the scaffold before his execution)


South Wales Anarchists will be demonstating in Cardiff to celebrate this years May Day. Originally a pagan festival, the modern May Day bank holiday has its roots in the fight for the eight hour day and is celebrated across the globe as an International Workers’ Day to commemorate the anarchist trade union organisers who were executed in Chicago 1887. They were framed and wrongly accused of throwing a bomb at police breaking up a crowd in the Haymarket during a demonstration involving over 400,000 working in Chicago on May 4, 1886.

The anarchist idea did not die with these workers in 1887 and continues to be the inspiration for many fighting capitalism around the world. We call on all those struggling for a world of justice, dignity and freedom to come together and join us this May Day in Cardiff.

Bring your red and black flags and class struggle banners!

Meet at 12 noon at the southern end of St Mary St, under the railway bridge near the Great Western Wetherspoons. March starts at 12.30 through the streets of Cardiff City centre to…. somewhere with no bureaucrats’ speeches!!!

Cardiff Animal Rights – Join the Struggle!

Cardiff Animal Rights has been very buysy recently. To join them in the struggle against animal abuse, join one of their regular demonstartions.

Weekly Fur Demos at Cardiff St Mary Street Market



Freddy Fox explaining to some local bobbies why people shouldn't wear fur!

Freddy Fox explaining to some local bobbies why people shouldn’t wear fur!

Every Saturday afternoon Cardiff Animal Rights will be at the vintage market in St Mary Street. There there are several stallholders peddling fur there. Please do join us and let them know it’s time for a fur-free Cardiff.

Circus Monado

Circus Mondado, Sully

Circus Mondado, Sully

Circus Monado are one of a dying breed of circuses that still continue to abuse animals in their acts, including a zebra, camels, horses and goats… Cardiff Animal Rights will be protesting against them every day untill they leave at Sully Sports (Caboot Field). We meet at Sully Sports Club at 16:00, Showings on the weekend vary.

As there will be a gap of about 90 minutes between the two shows the option to enjoy time at the nearby beach is going to be there so bring vegan picnic food.

Solidarity Against #Spycops

NCND1It has been over five years since we learned that Mark “Marco” Jacobs was not just another anarchist in the south Wales activist scene, but was actually an undercover police officer. We made all the relevant political points about the matter in our statement at the time: “They come at us because we are strong

Since then a number of activists are taking legal action against South Wales Police and the Metropolitan Police in an attempt to hold the system to account.

spycopsSince we first filed an application in court, both sets of Police lawyers have attempted to obstruct justice, giving a “Neither Confirm Nor Deny” defence of all aspects of Officer Jacobs (and all other undercover police) deployment.

On Wednesday 25th March we will be in the Royal Courts of Justice in London attempting to strike out this non-defence.

The night before we are in London we will be holding a protest outside Cardiff Central Police Station to draw attention to the case and the problem of undercover political policing in general.

Protest outside Cardiff Central Police Station, King Edward VIII Avenue, CF10
Tuesday 24th March, 6pm – 8pm (facebook event)

Then please join us if you can in a Solidarity picket of the court before the case starts.

Picket outside Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand, London, WC2 (Holborn or Temple tube)
Wednesday 25th March, 9am – 10am (facebook event)

It was recently announced that there will be a full public inquiry into political undercover policing. Though this is welcome, providing it is transparent, robust and independent, such exercises are unlikely to ever offer any path to justice. It is particularly unlikely that the truth about the role of undercover police in suppressing political activism in the UK will come to light whilst would-be whistleblowers have the threat of prosecution hanging over them.

Opposing the DPRTE arms fair in Cardiff

On the 8th of October, DPRTE – “The UK’s Premier Defence Procurement Event” was held in Cardiff’s Motorpoint arena. A demonstration had been called by Stop NATO Cymru, Anarchist Action Network and South Wales Anarchists to oppose it, starting at 8.30am to coincide with the start of delegate registration, when the those buying and selling weapons and toys of war would be entering the arms fair.

Several times people managed to get very close to the entrance before being kicked out by security, giving the delegates a piece of their mind in the process. At around 9am 3 men in suits entering the arms fair were covered in red paint. Two people were arrested and subsequently kept for 12 hours. They were both charged with criminal damage for staining the suits.


Food not Bombs Cardiff gave vegan breakfasts to passers by and the demonstrators. Food not bombs are a group who draw attention to food waste, and also the absurd fact that under capitalism we can afford to go to war but yet so many are going hungry and in many parts of the world people are starving to death.


The arms industry benefits from perpetual war that has become the norm. Arms dealers make money from the deaths of innocent people. They came to Cardiff, a city that had a small taste of what it is to be in a militarized zone with the NATO Conference coming to south Wales just a month ago. If DPRTE come back next year people will be there to oppose them again. We don’t want these dangerous psychopaths in our city, buying and selling weapons that kill people.

Protesters continued to have a frank exchange of views with delegates at the fair for the remainder of the day.


Callout to Demonstrate against 2014 DPRTE Arms Fair.

8.30 am at Cardiff Motorpoint Arena. Wednesday, the 8th of October

“When the rich wage war, it’s the poor who die.” – Jean-Paul Sartre

def proc

On the 8th of October Cardiff will host one of the UK’s biggest arms fairs at the Motorpoint Arena. Let’s show them what we think of their dirty business! We call on people from south Wales and beyond to come and picket outside the arena that day from the time they open for registration at 8.30 am.

DPRTE this year will be attended by some of the UK’s biggest arms companies, as their exhibitor list shows. They also host a conference, with keynote speakers from industry and government.

The arms fair was previously held in Bristol, but was forced out by protests.

We hope to see you there. If you would like to be a legal observer contact us at . You can also contact us by that email address for any additional information regarding the demonstration

Solidarity with Action for Palestine

At 7.30 am on the 8th of August, supporters of the Palestinian people protested the BBC’s bias coverage of recent events by painting slogans on the corporation’s building in Roath Lock .


On arrival of police one the graffiti artists got away, the other was arrested is now on bail, charged with criminal damage. The individual received harsh bail conditions including a ban form Cardiff, where she works.

A video of the action can be seen here:

The defendant is due to appear in Cardiff Magistrates Court on the 27th of August. This a call out for all to come and support her and this action against the BBC which has shown which side they are on when reporting on the Palestinian issue:

Come to Cardiff Magistrates court at 9.30 am with Palestinian and Anarchist banners, then at 10 am we will support the defendant in court.

Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

’40 Days for Life’ : The Last Scupper – by Bella Amos

Cardiff, Sunday 13th April, 2014; a little before six a.m. St Mary’s Street seems eerily quiet without the usual throng of ’40 Days for Life’ campaigners (a group of fundamentalist Catholics who are anti contraception, anti abortion, pro death penalty and pro war) outside the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (Elgin House). We set up our banners and anxiously anticipate their arrival.At half past eight the first batch appears, and an argument on the meaning of pro choice quickly ensues. In the midst of the early morning frustration they take control of the bin space. We lament this early loss of battle ground but persevere regardless, and by the crack of noon the protest is in full swing.

There they are, huddled around the bin underneath their ‘pray to end abortion’ banner, which is underneath a ‘let us prey’ sign. They clutch their rosary beads to their chests and pass their psalm book between each other while we dance around them to the songs of Canned Heat and Cherry Poppin’ Daddies. They glare at us disapprovingly, continually crossing themselves, perhaps expecting us sinners to disappear in a flash of smoke and fire.


But we will not be got rid of so easily, as they soon discover when they fetch the plastic pigs to remove us. After a quick word, the C3POs seem confused enough by the whole thing to call the actual police. While an officer talks with one of the 40 Day-ers, a couple of kids (who, after arriving in a wheelbarrow, began to make signs such as ‘don’t have children in case they turn out not to be Christian) use a pair of crutches to smash up the dinosaur pinata filled with condoms. The police then decide to leave us to it, and we decide to run around in circles to the Benny Hill theme tune.

By seven o’clock in the evening our energy has flagged considerably. The core crew of pro choice protesters has fallen to a number of four, while the 40 Days group is standing at around fifteen. Despite this, we are determined to see things through to the bitter end. A Catalan man joins us and starts to play a mix of Twist & Shout and La Bamba on guitar.

And then, en mass and out of nowhere, about twenty more Catalans come to join in. They kiss the guitarist on the forehead, and after a jovial false start they burst all together into a loud and tuneful song about Belarus. They are waving our signs, they are dancing with each other, they completely drown out the sound of the hymns emanating from around the bin.

It’s hard to describe to anybody who wasn’t there the true beauty of this moment. I have a distinct memory of myself with my hands clasped together, glow-in-the-dark rosary beads entwined around them, laughing up at the sky with tears of joy streaming down my face. It was magnificent.

As suddenly has they had arrived, the Catalans were gone. Half an hour until the end of the protest and, for the first time, we didn’t even want to sing over the Catholics. We felt there was nothing we could do to match the magic that had just transpired; we were happy enough to revel in the glory of that very special moment.

Enter the Irish. They were loud and enthusiastic, albeit a little drunk, they were screaming chants and brandishing our banners with unpredictable passion. I asked one of the 40 Day-ers how much longer they were going to let this continue, and the reply spat at me was “three hours”. The fundamentalists were fuming – so furious were they that they called the police on us again.
If only they had lived and learned. Two riot vans pulled up and a single officer came over to tell us that, although he had no intention of arresting anybody, he had to ask us to try to calm down.

We explained that, although the levels of rowdiness had indeed increased in the last half hour, it was because the 40 Days group were well overdue their home time. We said we would not leave before them, and told the policeman to tell them that their time was up.
So he did. They packed up their stuff and began to depart in small groups. We were thrilled with this outcome, but not so overcome with emotion that we didn’t notice a few of them cross the road to pray on the steps of Elgin House. Now we were enraged. We ran across with a ‘pro choice’ banner and a ‘harassment is NOT holy’ sign to question their audacity and their malformed morals. They walked away disgruntled for a second time, and that was that.

A great day for pro choice radicals, a great shame we still have to fight against this madness.

South Wales Anarchist’s Temporary move to Rummer’s Tavern

Due to our usual meeting place being closed for the time being, we are moving our weekly meetings to Rummer’s opposite the castle in Cardiff. We still meet every Wednesday at the usual time of 8pm. At these meetings we will also be discussing the anti-NATO mobilisation.


Bring your ideas! See you there.

Cardiff Mayday Radical Bloc

May Day is about radicalism. It’s about celebrating working people’s history of fighting for better conditions. It’s about the global struggle against a system which tries to keep us in subservience instead of leading fulfilling and liberated lives.

In September NATO is holding a major summit in Newport, gathering some of the world’s wealthiest, most powerful warmongers in an area with a proud history of radical struggle.

NATO is the armed wing of capitalism. It exists purely to further the interests of American elites, uniting American puppet-states in bloody wars over oil, political influence and to force their ruthless, “free-market” economics on the entire world.

Every year thousands of people are killed for being in the wrong place, on the wrong side of US interests, having the wrong colour skin, or being part of the wrong class.

Join us on Sat 3rd May on the Cardiff May Day demo, not to listen to the same old speeches, but to take action against the Military- Industrial Complex, show that building a better world is possible and send a clear warning to NATO that we’re ready to fight back.

Meet 12pm, St Mary’s St, by Maldron Hotel.