Shock horror!! Cop found guilty in welsh court!

PC Craig Bannister of Neath Road, Briton Ferry

PC Craig Bannister of Neath Road, Briton Ferry

Traffic cop, Craig Bannister, who crashed his car on the M4 at 122mph was found guilty of dangerous driving at Cardiff Crown court on February 13. Bannister thought it fit to hurtle along the motorway, putting other motorists at risk, even though he wasn’t answering an emergency response call at the time. And, even worse for the hapless cop, prosecutor Michael Hammett described driving conditions as ‘appalling, [with] heavy rain, lots of spray and standing water on the carriageway.’

You would have thought that Bannister would admit his crime, but according to Mr Hammett: ‘When PC Bannister was interviewed he refused to accept that driving at those speeds in those conditions was dangerous.’ 

And yet despite the fact that cops appear to be above the law, Bannister was found guilty!

Tom Davies, IPCC commissioner for Wales, commented: “Following the guilty verdict in court today, and after sentencing, I will then consider the force’s recommendation for any misconduct action.”

Don’t hold your breath. If cops in London can get away with murder,  we don’t expect Pc Bannister to get anything else but a slap on the wrists.