Our statement on Saturday’s opposition to “White Pride Worldwide”

VIA Swansea Antifa

On Saturday anti-fascists from Anti-Fascist Network groups across Wales and England joined locals to oppose the National Front’s “White Pride Worldwide”.

Political and community organisations took the decision to hold a community celebration in Castle Square – involving children and other vulnerable people – meters away from where violent fascists were expected to gather. In spite of this, the majority of people were intent on actually standing up to racism, rather than standing across the road from it. When the 27 NF emerged from the pubs which chose to serve them they were greeted with a solid wall of noise, as well as some more up-close and personal confrontations.

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The gathering of about seven local bumpkins and twenty seig-heilers from as far away as Wigan was well protected by South Wales Police. Notable in their absence were The “Valleys Frontline Firm”, possibly something to do with a bizarre note, accidently discarded by one of theirs which suggests that their leader – Luke Pippen, currently wanted by Kent Police for incidents in Dover – is hiding out in Adam Lloyd’s house in Bridgend… or maybe he’s with his partner, Rebecca Thornton, in Bristol? Be more careful next time boys.

Swansea Antifa had decided not release a public meeting point for our own action. Intelligence suggested that autonomous groups of fascists would be roaming the streets and thus that people in the community celebration had to be protected. This proved to be the right decision.

Having joined the main crowd heckling the NF, we recognised members of National Action – a neo-nazi youth group, known for their rhetoric and threats of violence – who had sought to infiltrate the anti-fascist crowd, singing antifascist chants at their NF “comrades” and waving anti-fascist flags that they had bravely bought online. After numerous recent humiliations and embarrassing episodes on the streets, it seems the new kids on the block were keen to prove themselves to their fellow fascists. Apparently dressing up as antifascists and hiding in antifascist demos earns nazi brownie points. Except it didn’t work out too well for them this time. Alex Davies, Ben Raymond and Mark James were some of the figures recognised and challenged. They retreated to the police after an ineffective attempted attack on antifascist demonstrators and flinging a smoke bomb at the crowd. Antifascists followed them until they were escorted to the cells in a police van, with only two – including Alex Davies – avoiding arrest, abandoning their friends whilst fleeing from antifascists.

sa3 sa4 sa5

Ben Raymond was easily recognised as he recently took part in a BBC documentary where he talked openly of his abhorrent views. What exactly possessed him to think that he could get away with disguising himself as one of the anti-fascists is beyond comprehension. Anti-fascists traditionally cover their faces to avoid surveillance by Redwatch fascists, but NA’s attempt at ‘disguise’ failed to mask the stench of rotting Nazism. Had it not been for the defensive actions and effective response of antifascists, the NA nazis could have successfully mounted an attack on people demonstrating solid community opposition to fascism.

Anti-fascists stayed in central Swansea to monitor the remaining fascists after the NF had staggered off. Only one was waiting for the several arrested members of National Action (or POW’s as they like to call them – how cute) – Alex Davies, all alone with a bag full of skips and coke (not very nutritious for aryan warriors). He was heard on the phone exclaiming that “it’s all gone tits up” and “no one came from north of Brum, there were only ten of us and they weren’t even seasoned activists”. Upon realising that he was being monitored, he espoused his deep “respect” for antifascists, for how organised we were, and how solid our sense of solidarity is compared to his authoritarian mates.


Most interesting was his confession that he had spoken to Zack Davies on Skype before Zack’s attempted racist murder of a Sikh man in Mold (http://www.channel4.com/…/national-actions-zack-davies-guil…). Previously National Action have denied any contact with him or that he was a member of their group despite him having their propaganda in his home. Alex Davies said it was “horrible” when Zack carried out the attack. Evidently not horrible enough for him to leave National Action.

He claimed to have attempted to “connect with us on a human level” something quite difficult giving his views that disabled, non-white and LGBTQI* people should all be put in ovens. He flipped between apologising for his views, acknowledging the ideological incoherence, justifying that he had to keep at it as he had been kicked out of university for his dedication to Nazism and then just saying how he was going through such a hard time personally. There was something quite worrying and tragic about this scared and lonely young fascist, so clearly desperate for attention. NA would be nothing but a sad school project, were it not for the genuine threat their sick ideology poses to our communities.

To top off the day, the dregs of NA were spotted by patrolling anti-fascists in the early hours, fresh from the cells, huddling together for warmth after Alex Davies fled (again) and they missed their coaches home. No Skips, no coke, no solidarity for them, just as sad and pathetic as their 27 NF mates who were booed off the streets of Swansea earlier that day.

Big up all who confronted NF/NA nazi scum on the day. We will never let the fascists have the streets.

Swansea Antifa


Goodbye “white pride”
❤ Swansea Antifa

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