Call out for May Day 2016 -We are fighting back!!

May Day greetings to workers everywhere, join in the radical workers bloc in Cardiff in May Day demonstration.

In response to the police’s burality last year to two people at Cardiff May Day 2015, we are fighting back!!!

See footage:

See shorter video of the police’s attack of one of the protesters 1.50 minutes in

Have you had problems with your boss at work? Having problems with your benefits? Has a service you used been cut? Have you had enough?

Meet at 12 noon at Aneurin Bevan Statue : Cardiff Castle side of Queen Street         Sunday 2nd of may

May day bank holiday has its roots in the fight for many of the rights we have today e.g. eight hour day, work safety, holidays… Its is celebrated across the globe as international workers’ day.

While many in Cardiff are struggling, cuts of £32 million are being implemented during 2015 to 2018. This is while government continues to waste billions of pounds. Just locally in Cardiff last May Day, two people were attacked by the police at HSBC on Cardiff. They were arrested, held in prison on remand, then on tag with ridiculous bail conditions and only found not guilty 8 months later. Police and CPS had clear footage of the police violently attacking the protesters which was available to them the whole time but they still forced it to trial at OUR expense. . HSBC bank also lied along with the police in court, directly contradicting the CCTV evidence of police brutality.