Solidarity Against #Spycops

NCND1It has been over five years since we learned that Mark “Marco” Jacobs was not just another anarchist in the south Wales activist scene, but was actually an undercover police officer. We made all the relevant political points about the matter in our statement at the time: “They come at us because we are strong

Since then a number of activists are taking legal action against South Wales Police and the Metropolitan Police in an attempt to hold the system to account.

spycopsSince we first filed an application in court, both sets of Police lawyers have attempted to obstruct justice, giving a “Neither Confirm Nor Deny” defence of all aspects of Officer Jacobs (and all other undercover police) deployment.

On Wednesday 25th March we will be in the Royal Courts of Justice in London attempting to strike out this non-defence.

The night before we are in London we will be holding a protest outside Cardiff Central Police Station to draw attention to the case and the problem of undercover political policing in general.

Protest outside Cardiff Central Police Station, King Edward VIII Avenue, CF10
Tuesday 24th March, 6pm – 8pm (facebook event)

Then please join us if you can in a Solidarity picket of the court before the case starts.

Picket outside Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand, London, WC2 (Holborn or Temple tube)
Wednesday 25th March, 9am – 10am (facebook event)

It was recently announced that there will be a full public inquiry into political undercover policing. Though this is welcome, providing it is transparent, robust and independent, such exercises are unlikely to ever offer any path to justice. It is particularly unlikely that the truth about the role of undercover police in suppressing political activism in the UK will come to light whilst would-be whistleblowers have the threat of prosecution hanging over them.



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    Undercover is no excuse for abuse. Protest in Cardiff, Tuesday 24th!

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