New SWA leaflet and updated directory


South Wales Anarchists have produced a new leaflet to distribute in info-shops, during miscellaneous demos and generally across South Wales, and to have at hand to explain who we are and what we get up to.

Look out for it at the Red and Black Umbrella as well as the upcoming People’s University building and on the table at Food Not Bombs on Fridays.

Here is a mini-version………….SWA flyer

and the updated directory of non-hierarchical groups in Cardiff:

Red and Black Umbrella Social Centre – Anarchist social centre in Cardiff, host to community events as well as occasional gigs. A place to meet, get info, watch films and be part of workshops and other misc. events. | @RedBlackBrolly 

Cardiff People’s Universityby people, for people. 

Pill Community Co-opProject to set up a non-hierarchical community space with vegan café, up-cycling, arts and other events you might find in Social Centres. 07805328172 

Stop NATO Cymru – A local campaign, also part of the Anarchist Action Network, that opposes the NATO summit due in Newport, September 2014. 

Cardiff Against Fracking Everywhere – New group in Cardiff, part of Frack Free Wales. FB – /cardiffagainstfrackingeverywhere |

Welsh Antifa & SWAFA – Standing against far-right groups dividing communities with direct actions against racists and fascists. | @swafa05 | 

Swansea Palestine Community Link / Swansea Action for Palestine – Raising awareness of the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice. We support the call for BDS of Israel. @SwanPalestine |

Radical Wales – Website with considered political analysis of Welsh politics from wide radical perspectives. Many anarchists contribute to the content. | @radicalwales

Cardiff IWW –  IWW Cymru is a direct action solidarity union for all workers, includingstudents and unemployed workers. |

No Borders South Wales – Nearly 10 years of organising through anti-deportation campaigns and other practical solidarity, for freedom of movement and equality for | @noborderswales

Claimants Solidarity Cardiff – A grassroots self-help and solidarity network for claimants engaging with the benefits system. (plus Tea Tent) FB – ‘Claimant Solidarity Cardiff’ 

Food Not Bombs – Cardiff and Swansea both have local sections of this international movement, and group in Newport due to start soon! If we can afford to fight wars why are many people going hungry? Free vegan food! | @FNBCardiff 

Cardiff AnarchaFemsLaunching on August 6th as part of ‘Break the Chains’ 07804240953 

Animal Rights – Against all cruelty to animals with information sharing and promoting an ethical healthy vegan lifestyle. |

South Wales Hunt Saboteurs – Local people taking direct action against hunting with hounds in South Wales despite the ‘ban’.



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