Anarchist Welsh Translation

Anarchist Welsh Translation is a network of Welsh speakers that do voluntary translations for horizontally organised anti-capitalist campaigns. This translation service is an example of people self-organising using the model of anarchist economics of mutual aid in mind.

Now there’s no excuse for monolingual leaflets, posters and websites! The Welsh language will wither away unless it can be a language that people can use in all contexts, including activism. The fight for language rights in Wales is a fight against globalization and capitalism.

The network is in the form of this email list:


Remember, they only translate documents/posters/leaflets/websites that are not for profit, non-hierarchical and anti-capitalist – in other words, of a broadly anarchist viewpoint.

The idea is to promote the email to activist groups in Wales, then they are able to request whatever they require to be translated. Volunteers that are on the mailing list opt into doing the translation and then post it up onto the group so that other translators in the list can proof read. The finished translation would then be sent back to the group/persons that requested it and would then have bilingual material.

If you are a Welsh speaker and would like to volunteer, or part of a group that needs translation services. Get in touch!

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