Why Anarchy?

We have an event coming up called Why Anarchy? It will be a brief introduction to the politics of anarchism, looking at media misrepresentation and history, as well as local and global perspectives, followed by a discussion. There will be speakers from South Wales Anarchists and a few others further afield. It will be from 7pm – 9pm at the Sandringham hotel, St Mary Street, Cardiff on Tuesday 11th October. Google maps link is here.

Please come! Even – or especially! – if you are not an anarchist, it will be an interesting, infomative and lively evening for all! The Facebook event is here (please click!)



Direct Action Training

Pissed off with politicians, banks, and other assorted power elites plundering the world? Fed up with politicians’ empty promises? Do you want to actually DO something about it? You need some direct action training! There workshops are to be held in October, November and December and will cover legal matters, the media, organisation etc. Please see the Direct Action Cardiff blog for details and book yourself a place. Come and find out how to stay safe AND make things happen!