Trash the fash!

racist? moi?

racist? moi?

No doubt buoyed by the recent electoral success of the BNP, the boot boys of the English defence league (EDL) along with various other far-right groups are bringing their hatred to the streets of south Wales. Simon Daborn, organiser for the Swansea division of the Welsh defence league, has issued a call to meet at 5 pm on Saturday 17 October somewhere in Swansea. Venue to be announced. A counter demo has been called for 4 pm outside the YMCA on St Helen’s Road.

The following Saturday we’re expecting them in Newport at 1 pm in John Frost Square. South Wales anarchists will be there in solidarity with the call out by Newport communities against racism.

We cannot let these thugs go unchallenged. The EDL’s claim to be “a non-racist organisation” is ludicrous, judging by their antics on previous demonstrations in Birmingham and Harrow. And while they currently consist of only a handful of ex-BNP morons and assorted hooligans, financial backing from fascist business man, Alan Lake, who runs a number of right-wing web sites, could swell their ranks and create real problems for our communities. In the run up to the planned EDL march in Manchester on 10 October, over 20 Muslim graves have already been vandalised in a cemetery in south Manchester.

Join us in Swansea and Newport and send this scum packing!


  1. The racist ‘Welsh Defence League’ have brought their march forward to 3pm.
    The venue is still outside the YMCA, St. Helen’s Road, but the demo will now be at 2pm, rather than 4pm.

    • Please ignore the first comment, I have since been sent this:

      “Please ignore the mailout from last night. At the moment, the time of this event is still, provisionally, 4pm, outside the YMCA, St. Helen’s Road. Please accept my apologies for the confusion.”

  2. Hi,
    lots of rumours about Swansea the demo being moved, please assume 4pm at the YMCA unless announced otherwise, there are 2 Facebook pages that will announce any change if it occurs
    and the event page

  3. Hey guys.
    I’ve no idea where you get this WDL/EDL racist/BNP link from. I’ve been around the UAF, HnH, EDL sites and I see no evidence, just finger pointing reactionaries (in both directions).
    I think, unfortunately, you’re following the blind direction of the UAF by believing anyone who flies a Union Jack is a fascist.
    Calling the EDL/WDL racist is simply ridiculous and is going on hearsay of other political groups with vested interests. As anarchists, you should all know by now that the actions of the very few does not speak for the many. I just can’t believe you’re falling for this left-wing agit-prop.
    That nazi prick in the picture? An anomaly to say the least – certainly not a representation of the EDL people. Some of you guys should look into things a bit more, maybe kick back and look at different peoples’ forums before charging in.
    By wandering down such blind alleys you’re toally missing the point that even groups like UAF are, if not government sponsored, supported by the parliamentary members – check out thir site. Is this what you want to support? The establishment!?

    What *are* your views on Islamic-extremism, by the way? What are your views on free-speech? I know what mine are!

    D.C. Anarchist

  4. Thanks for deleting my comment. I didn’t think it rubbed anyone up the wrong way and was a hand of discourse if anything. I’m quite surprised, frankly.
    Please refer to Noam Chomsky’s ideas of free-speech. Ideas that resonat with myself and, I’d have thought, yourselves:

    Notable is this: “If we don’t believe in free expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”

    I doubt very much we’d despise each other (myself and yourselves), but you get my point. I’d have prefered a reposte.

    With respect to the post itself. It’s like banging one’s head against a bloody brick wall, eh? People are gutted at what turned out – you actually did get nazis showing up this time! The anti-swastika burning was the definitive reply to the ‘Press Conference’ where the swastika was burnt and the open anti-nazi stance. The organisation was a shambles. The words: organise, piss-up, brewery come to mind. Even some of the original demonstrators though about coming over to you guys to demostrate!

    Ah well….

    D.C. Anarchist

  5. By the way, your email address isn’t working.

  6. More deleting of other views, eh? Even including deleting topics of free speech. The irony thickens.

    Here’s another prominent spokesperson for free-speech and references there-in.

    Maybe anarchists this side of the pond really do have a more liberated view than those in my homeland. Maybe the terms mean different things though, like libertarian in Europe means anarchist thought, whereas in the US it is a branch of conservatism.
    Similarly, in the US, anarchism is used in the traditional sense, whereas in the UK…..

    …well, you can decide on that one.

    You have my email – if one of you wants to have a (civilised) chit chat, you should drop me a line.

    D.C. Anarchist

  7. More ‘anarchist’ censorship, eh?

    Here’s a little clip on freedom of speech, and a short quote therein:

    “If you’re in favour of freedom of speech, you’re in favour of freedom of speech precisely for views you despise, otherwise you’re not in favour of freedom of speech”

    Call yourselves anarchists?

    D.C. Anarchist

  8. Hey ranting DC Anarchist, It’s a bit of a shame if your posts have gone cos it does little more than show YOUR lack of understanding on this.


    Don’t beleive me, check out some of the new sites on the Swansea Demo Incl Daily Mail, South Wales Evening Post, Vice Magazine. All show WDL members pulling nazi salutes, burning an anti nazi flag with all the motly skinhead oiks present applauding and on the videos that can be heard chanting BNP.

    I know that these media outlets are telling the truth because I was there, along with the solialists, Christians, Muslims , AMs, Councllors and many other unaffiliated people from Swansea who gathered in an amazing show of unity to run this nazi scum out of our town. Does the affiliation of these people to the establishment preclude out working with them to beat the facists?

    The Hearsay comes from YOU ranting from accross the pond about someting you have failed to reasearch.

  9. As ever, so fascinating and definitely useful blog post on Trash
    the fash! | South Wales Anarchists.
    Many thanks!!

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