Resist police violence! Friday May 1st!

2848_e_onlineWe call on everyone angered by the vicious and violent methods of the police force to Protest outside Cardiff central police station on Friday the 1st May, 6.00pm. The police station is on King Edward VII Avenue, just behind city hall. Bring what you expect to find.

police-stop-g20-protester-001The brutal policing of the G20 that culminated in the death of innocent bystander, Ian Tomlinson was typical of the police force’s response to protests.  Tomlinson died after being assaulted by a masked member of the Territorial Support Group (TSG). This was not the only incident of violence on the day and, most certainly, is not an isolated event as anyone who has attended a recent demonstration will attest to.

The events at the anti-G20 protests are only the tip of the iceberg. The introduction of  SOCPA and anti-terrorism laws have had a profound effect on the policing of protesters and demonstrators in recent years. More recently 114 climate protesters were arrested on “conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass” following a police raid, as usual there were multiple raids on homes whilst people were in custody. The protesters have since been released on bail to return in court in July. With ongoing police operations like this, it is clear to see the worrying extent of surveillance in use by the state and the growing criminalisation of dissent.

blog-pictureSouth Wales Anarchists stand against the ever increasing role of the police force as a political tool in the UK, and the violent methods that underlie all police forces. We stand in solidarity with victims of police aggression and those faced with humiliation and deportation due to an over-zealous government desperate for a ‘win’ in the eyes of a sceptical public. We do not simply wish for minimal punishment for the individual officers but recognise that the role of the Police is one of violence, intimidation and protection of power and property. The State monopoly on violence is exercised through the Police and those who defy the moral code of the State will always suffer the brutal consequences.

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  1. […] the G20 protests  in London last month that led to the death of Ian Tomlinson, this year’s Mayday protests in Cardiff took place outside Cardiff Central Police Station to show the opposition to the increasing […]

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