Watch out if there’s a cop from Gwent about…

…he might shoot you!!!

Details of cops playing with their guns were released by the home office today (3 March 2009) and testify to some astonishing facts about the Gwent rozzers.

Gwent police open day. Firearms fun for all the family!

Gwent police open day. Firearms fun for all the family!

According to the figures cops all over the UK have been getting their hands on their pistols much more often than they should be. Last year the number of operations in which firearms were authorised leapt by nearly 20%. And over the 7-year period from 2001 to 2008, authorisations rose by nearly 50%.

But if that sounds bad enough, in 2001-02 coppers in Gwent were authorised to carry a gun on 20 occasions. By 2007-08 that number had risen to a staggering 334! A percentage increase of Zimbabwean proportions!!

And it’s the same story when it comes to operations involving armed response teams. Gwent deployed 16 of them in 2001-2 and 7 years later there were 257 teams knocking about – doing exactly what, we’d like to know?

We’re wondering when those guns are going to be turned on strikers and protestors and the like. At the rate that the gun-toting Gwent police are going, it won’t be very long!



  1. […] Watch out if there’s a cop from Gwent about… […]

  2. The Police everywhere are tooling up and it’s not to protect the citizens , you and me . No, t is to protect their masters , The Establishment , from attack and as is mentioned elsewhere on this website , they know that the people are going to rise up soon.

    All over the Western EU , the reality of what has happened and continues to happen is sinking in and there will be civil disorder on a scale not seen for decades.

    It will kick-off in the Uk , France , Germany and Italy and all for different reasons but with the common thread of the realiasation of the corruption and theft by our politicians.

    Democracy is an illusion and the Police will become increasingly brutal in the subjugation of the population. I stiill have not forgotten the brutality I saw with the pro-Tibet protestors and the pro-fox-hunters. They were battered senseless for trying to protest about something which they feel passionate about.

    Soon though , we will NOT SEE any of the police brutality because the new laws have made it an offence to FILM the POLICE … see, they have thought up a way to consor the press after many attempts

    Be very careful if you encounter any of these trigger-happy psychos.. Tney volunteer for armed duties because they want to kill people. Don’t give them any excuse.

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