Wrecsam activists target Israeli goods

Peace activists from Wrecsam decided to show their anger at the Israeli attack on the people of Gaza by organising a “supermarket sweep” of Israeli goods in the town’s supermarkets last month. The first one at Tesco was a spur of the moment thing organised via e-mail after the 1st protest – 18 people turned up. This is unheard of in a small town like Wrecsam!

Does your shopping fuel the Israeli war machine?

Does your shopping fuel the Israeli war machine?

The numbers made life a bit difficult so the group split up and agreed to meet by the veg aisles. Not everyone was happy to fill their trolleys (one guy worked for Asda!) so some people put leaflets on car windscreens outside. Others went inside in ones and twos and eventually met up at the fruit and veg counter.


Some people decided they didn’t want to do the trolley to the till thing and it all descended into a bit of a shambles – most abandoned their trolleys in the clothes dept upstairs, some hid stuff there or in the freezers and (because Tesco is so big) got lost. No-one had any stickers.

Then it all got a bit DIY – secret shoppers started going to Sainsbury and the following Saturday a group went back to Tesco. They were clocked by security and some got 12-month bans from the store. This included a guy who went there to take photos.

By the end, most Israeli herbs had vanished and the ones left had “Boycott Israeli goods” stickers on the barcodes – apparently if you try to tear them off it knackers the barcodes.

The supermarket sweeps have been chaotic, unorganised and hugely disruptive to the supermarkets. They’ve also brought people together, developed their direct action confidence and have hopefully given Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury food for thought.



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  1. Just stumbled across this post (love the website) but wondered why campaigners didn’t do the ‘trolley to the till thing’.

    We did it during the Dunnes Stores Strikers Against Apartheid campaign in Dublin in the 1980s and it was a runaway success – made shoppers think, tied up staff and management taking stuff back to shelves and had security pouncing on suspected activists (often getting it wrong with hilarious results).

    Shop managers didn’t want prosecutions and giving us our day in court – and more media.

    Go for it – make a difference.

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