Cops taser 89 year-old man to ‘protect him’.

The unidentified man from north Wales had recently been admitted to a care home, but had tried to leave on a couple of occasions. And it was after he’d left the care home in a confused state that the trigger-happy cops fired 50,000 volts into the pensioner. The man’s nephew said his uncle had been fit until about a year ago, but then had deteriorated and found it difficult to cope.

The man’s sister said she was lodging a complaint because she thought it was a

“diabolical way to treat an old man”.

And the response from north Wales cops:

“the specially trained officers made the judgement, in order to protect the life of the man, that the use of Taser was the safest and most appropriate option.”

50,000 volts to 'protect' an old man?

50,000 volts to 'protect' an old man?

We wonder when the first death by taser will happen in Wales. And when the first fatality does occur (there have been nearly 350 deaths in the US since tasers were introduced in 2001) we’re in no doubt that the cops will trot out the same response. No wonder complaints against the police are going up!



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  2. Google Braidwood Enquiry transcripts
    interesting absorbing
    testimony of the witnesses and participants in the last few, sad and horrifying hours in the life of Polish Immigrant Robert Dziekanski, whom the world has seen being killed with a taser in YVR in late 2007.
    The whole city has pretty much bee graphically introduced the very reasons we need to be having some serious public discussions of our use of policing in this country. Canada BTW
    Something is seriously bad when a parent is conflicted and confused about how to tell my children that they must also have strategies to protect themselves from the police and the street and their financial institutions.
    I have always been a rebel and iconoclast and never suffered authority lightly.
    But it was always easy to tell a kid of any age if there is trouble the police are your friend
    I am a father in Vancouver BC and my story of the world is one I want to tell with out instilling bitterness in the hearts of my children
    We are quickly turning into a no dissent zone.
    Protesters at the clusterfuck that is the 2010 olympics will be be in pens of some sort
    With the new crowd control weapons coming they will at some point be able to make an entire crowd shit and vomit on cue with ultra low freqency sound waves or worse. Much much worse.
    Welcome to interesting times.

    CosmosLaundry Journal
    Then they can hose them down with a detergent and just stand back

  3. […] Cops taser 89 year-old man to ‘protect him’. […]

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