Cardiff cops to the rescue!

Cardiff cops Sgt Trevor Jones and Chief Inspector Steve Murray are being sent to Latvia to help the cops there deal with british drunks.

Ipswich police station Xmas party

Ipswich police station Xmas party

“Their behaviour is shameless”, commented Chief Inspector Kuzis of the Riga police force. Perhaps the inspector might like to comment on the recent behaviour of 5 Suffolk plods whose antics make a stag night in Riga seem tame by comparison. The drunken Suffolk rozzers were done for, variously, exposing themselves, urinating on a wall, vomiting and brawling.

The Suffolk force refused to elaborate on the incident that took place just before a campaign to curb Christmas binge-drinking. A spokeswoman said: “There is an appeal pending.”

Perhaps our two intrepid Cardiff coppers should keep an eye on colleagues a little closer to home instead of wasting taxpayers’ money on ‘duty’ in Latvia.


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