Lording it over the anti-fascists

Anti-fascist? Dont make us laugh!

Anti-fascist? Don't make us laugh!

What on earth has prompted anti-fascist campaigners Searchlight Cymru to make Dafydd Elis-Thomas their honorary president? Don’t they know that Elis-Thomas epitomises the very worst characteristics of many professional politicians: hypocrisy, greed and arrogance to name but three?

Once upon a time Elis-Thomas was a self-confessed Marxist who moved the writ in parliament for Bobby Sands’ election in 1981. Yet within two decades he dumped any pretense at being a democrat to become a member of the house of lords, taking the title of lord Elis-Thomas of Nant Conwy.

Unworried by the charge of ‘traitor’, the good lord has continued to exploit his powerful position, especially with the ladies. Marjorie Thompson claims she and her purse were taken to the cleaner’s by the former Plaid Cymru leader in their nine-year relationship. Mind you, his “lordship” does speak sense from time to time: in 2003 he slammed the Welsh assembly, saying he wouldn’t bother to vote if he wasn’t a politician. So why is he still the presiding officer? Err, could it be anything to do with the big fat salary he gets on top of all the allowances? Or perhaps it’s the chance to vote himself an 8.3% bung when other public servants are scraping by on below-inflation pay settlements. Then, again, it might be because he gets to be the chair of a number of well-paying quangos, including the Welsh Language Board – seen in Welsh-Speaking Wales as not only toothless but in many ways sustaining the status quo that condemns the language to client status.

Wise up Searchlight! If you want to maintain your credibility get rid of this pompous ass. He does the anti-fascist cause no favours. Quite the opposite – ordinary people are increasingly turning to the BNP because they’re fed up seeing members of the political establishment pursuing political careers for personal gain. If the BNP get a foothold in Wales, it’s down to nobs like Dafydd Elis-Thomas.



  1. Well said, guys.

  2. Clywch clywch

  3. Simple really. We at Searchlight Cymru are trying to put together a coilition of all mainstream political parties at the National Assembly (and outside) to speak with one voice, albeit from different traditions which is that the politics of hate espoused by the fascist BNP has no place in Wales. Lord Elis Thomas was approached because he was the Presiding Officer of the National Assembly for Wales and was above party politics. A different criticism was that we had two Plaid members and a Tory. Frankly I want to break the chains of the past that has held back anti-fascist campaigning, ie we will do it so long as it is not alongside such and such because we are purer than them. You are of course welcome and entitled to your constructive views and I accept it is not without a few raised eyebrows that we have looked to non-traditional supporters to become equal partners – but that is what we are going to do – because we need to educate and inform more than the usual suspects who know about the BNP and that the campaign is mainstreamed. We get the BNP saying we are a front for the Communist Party, well we are not a front for anyone, Daftydd El, Communists or otherwise. We are just doing our best without the resources of the BNP so build a modern campaign that potential BNP voters will listen to – and that means doing things differently.

    All the best

  4. A welsh Anarchist, knowing the Queen had knighted two Anarchists, advised Dafydd Elis Tomos that the country needed people like him in the Lords, and If he was offered such, he should accept.

    Unfortunately he not only betrayed the Queen, he also betrayed himself. He was thoroughy perverted by a Liberal Democrat who used to travel home with him on the train. He even changed from being a Methodist to being C of E. There was the Queen wanting a good solid scientific Marxist Nationalist to straighten out the House of Lords, but look at what she got! A Backslider! A Conformist Creep!

  5. Thanks for taking the trouble to get back with the Searchlight point of view, Darron. I think all across the spectrum of left and libertarian groups there is agreement that we need to build coalitions against the BNP. The question is, what form should these coalitions take?

    The difficulty anarchists have with a the involvement of MPs, Lords or indeed Presiding Officers in Searchlight Cymru is not about being “purer than thou.” It goes back to first principles: namely, the creation of a “representative” political class separate from any given community leads to that class to act solely in its own interests. This inevitably results in the kind of corruption that Dafydd Elis-Thomas sadly embodies.

    The real way to go about things differently would be to work with communities and present positive alternatives to fascism and party politics based on direct democracy. It would also involve opposing race hate groups in our workplaces and streets. From an anarchist point of view, this remains the ideal form of coalition building against the likes of the BNP.


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